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I'm going into gender studies at university, which mostly means being in awe of all the essays people have written about their lives and that I get to do this for academia? In the meantime, I'm continuing to poke at fanfiction (mostly various Star Treks and Carmilla). With the new [community profile] ladiesbingo I'm getting back into original works too! If you have constructive criticism, that's always welcome.

I'm a real life lesbian cyborg. I still can't believe I can say that. (I have a cochlear implant. The lesbian part is self explanatory.)

Elsewhere on the internet, I'm on tumblr and ao3. Technically you can also find my writing on ffn but it hasn't been updated in basically eight million years because I'm offended it doesn't think webseries' are serious and also its sense of aesthetics is horrifying.

Most of my entries are locked to access list, but that's only so they aren't available for google or the internet at large. Come be friends!
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